Good for your calves and lambs. Good for the industry.

Pain Relief
Reduced Bleeding
Infection Control
Wound Care

Animal welfare considerations are an essential part of animal husbandry programs and extremely important to producers, customers and the industry.

Whether it’s castration, disbudding or dehorning calves or tail docking, mulesing or castration of lambs applying Tri-Solfen® delivers not only pain relief but also productivity gains with faster recovery of calves and lambs.

Tri-Solfen® is an easy to administer, non-prescription, over the counter formulation with a powerful combination of two local anaesthetics for instant and longer-term pain relief, adrenaline to reduce bleeding and an antiseptic agent to help reduce infection risk.

Tri-Solfen® gel formulation also helps to seal the wound for improved wound healing. Tri-Solfen® is good for your calves and lambs and good for the industry. It’s the Better Choice®.

Best practice is essential for our industry

The Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for sheep was first introduced in Australia in 2016. In these guidelines there are specific references to the use of pain relief when carrying out procedures such as mulesing, disbudding, castration and tail docking.


Pain relief and wound care for beef calves.

Tri-Solfen is a local anaesthetic for pain relief and antiseptic gel spray for wound care. It delivers unrivalled benefits when applied to calves during and following routine procedures such as disbudding, dehorning or castration. Tri-Solfen is backed by extensive clinical trials and ensures producers can meet consumer expectations for animal welfare.

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Pain relief and wound care for dairy calves.

Tri-Solfen is highly effective for pain relief when applied during and after disbudding or dehorning calves. Tri-Solfen is a local anaesthetic and antiseptic gel spray that adheres to wounds and acts to numb the wound with a long-lasting analgesic effect. It also contains active ingredients designed to minimise bleeding, protect against infection, coat the wound and promote healing.

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Pain relief and wound care for sheep and lambs.

When used for lambs, Tri-Solfen is proven to be highly effective during procedures such as castration, tail docking and mulesing. Tri-Solfen is sprayed onto the wound to simultaneously anesthetize, alleviate pain, control bleeding and protect against infection. Its viscous gel base is also designed to form a long-lasting protective barrier over the wound.

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Tri-Solfen is available in
1L, 5L and 20L packs

Animal welfare is important for your livestock and for you.

What is Tri-Solfen

Tri-Solfen is a viscous liquid that is easily applied to surgical wounds using the dedicated Tri-Solfen applicator. Tri-Solfen’s novel formulation contains a unique combination of 4 ingredients:

  • Lignocaine and Bupivacaine – local anaesthetics that provide pain-relief on surgical wounds.
  • Adrenaline – to reduce bleeding.
  • Cetrimide – an antiseptic agent to help reduce the risk of infection.

Why use Tri-Solfen

Tri-Solfen fits perfectly with your goal to provide a high standard of care for your livestock. It also fits with the industry’s objective to meet consumer expectations that livestock production must include a high level of consideration for animal welfare.

How to use Tri-Solfen

When applied correctly with the dedicated Tri-Solfen applicator it forms a foaming gel over the wound that helps to protect the wound from secondary infection and aids in the wound healing process.

When to use Tri-Solfen

Tri-Solfen addresses a wide range of important welfare considerations that are of significance to all producers. Applying Tri-Solfen effectively manages pain during routine animal husbandry procedures and also aids in wound care and animal recovery.

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“The development and use of Tri-Solfen is crucial in advancing animal welfare in Australia. It’s an important step in diminishing the concerns of producers and consumers on the adverse welfare outcomes of pain inflicted during interventions performed routinely in livestock husbandry.”

Peter A Windsor – DVSc PhD DipECSRHM Professor Emeritus,

The University of Sydney, NSW

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